Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Look, He Is Drinking A Cider !

Look, He is Drinking A Cider Or No Room For Arrogance 

Whenever I come to a point, that I feel or realize, I have looked down on someone in a condescending, judging and pitiful way, who is in an unfortunate position at this time in his life, I give something to someone later. This helps to redeem myself, because these moments are hard to control for most people.

The laws of the universe are true. And you are probably the cause of everything, that ever happens in your life. But the laws of the universe are very hard to learn and in more than one case it will take you longer than this life, that you have at your disposition now to learn those laws. No matter how often you have read the Secret and other books. No Matter, 
To think, that some things can never happen to you, that they will only happen to others is sheer madness.

In fact you can make everything happen to you at any given moment in time. Not the universe but you. And often not knowing that you do.
It so happened, that I overheard a comment one lady made to another lady walking down the street, when they caught sight of a homeless man.

" Look he is drinking a cider", said the one.....

If you got nothing or not much does it mean you can not drink a cider if you get one?
The other question, that arises is, where would you drink your cider if you had just got it and it would  probably be taken away from you by somebody else who wants a cider too.
Would you not drink it on the street if there was no such a thing as a living room ?
I guess I would.   
The one thing there is no room for in life is arrogance.

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