Thursday, November 10, 2011

Touring The SA In The Old Days

There was a time before the air-conditioned, four wheel drive luxury cars that roam all over the roads of SA today. Touring the SA in the old days must have been an alltogether different reality. I was not born then but  I am very much close to this reality now because I drive a 1968 VW beetle. There is not much use for a cockpit spray because the cockpit is so small and the bottle would last may be three years.
Here two lovely ladies are waving to the driver of an elegant and sexy SA tour bus thundering down the road to Oudtshoorn.

And here we have the "creme de la creme" - a SILVER EAGLE MOTORCOACH of the S.A. Railways parked in a romantice spot overlooking Pretoria.

In this picture the fire-red SA tour bus is roughing it a little bit out on a sand road close to Plettenberg Bay. In the far distance the Plettenberg hotel can be seen. These old prints have been in my archive for a while. They are memory postcards issued by S.A.Railways decades ago to show off the pride of their stable. They are undated and there are no names of photographers mentioned.


  1. Compared to the luxury coaches of today with aircon, television, fridge and toilet, this is very basic. And probably not anything close to the smooth ride of today.

  2. Definitely not, but may be it was a lot of fun too! Must have been a nice experience.


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