Monday, November 7, 2011

The Grand House - Home Affairs

When you come to what is generally called  " the circle ' at the end of Oxford Street in East London you will find the GRAND HOUSE to your right hand side.

The GRAND HOUSE can indeed determine your fate when you are in South Africa as a person of foreign nationality. It hosts the Department of Home Affairs. And Home Affaris issues visas, permanent residences and a whole lot of other useful documents for which one has to apply in this beautiful old building.

The whole area, beeing part of the city center, is like a humming bee hive.

And of course, depending on the matter you have to pursue, you have to be early at the GRAND HOUSE to be the first or one of the first people in queue. A good breakfast comes in handy. But being early does not mean you will finish early

David is one of the car guards taking care of the parking lot in front of the entrance of Home Affairs.

In case that more time will have to be spent in the parking lot it is advisable to take a chair out and may be have something to drink

Medical and Dental services, as well as wholesalers are available close by

and more or less discouraged street vendors with a variety of things that nobody needs.

And if lunch times has arrived and you still do not have what you came for KFC is prepared. Always !

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