Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Street Wise

Each and every one of the many posts that I have written on this blog has been inspired by the streets of South Africa. I love the streets and the people that make them alive. That is why I am a street photographer with my heart and my soul. For the pictures I take on the streets, I do not look for technical perfection in a photo but for the perfect moment.
When you look at my pictures and read my posts you understand with ease why the people of this great country are called the Rainbow Nation.

It is amazing and fascinating how many different individuals, with different core values, life situations, beliefs, skin colors, religions, social background and outlook on life live in South Africa. Some have only faith in themselves and some belief in god or another person they love and look up to. 
South Africa as the motherland has not reached the "greener pastures for all " of which so many have been dreaming, but the Rainbow Nation has come a long way since Nelson Mandela became president and the leader of a nation some 16 years ago.

The world wide economic recession has made poor people poorer and made the ones who had some loose some. But there is a common spirit - that it's worth to fight, work and get involved for a better, richer and more powerful South Africa that will in return become the provider for all. 
And people of all races and colors and educational background have become street wise, simply because they had to.

My friend and guest blogger Siyanda Nkonyeni (Siyanda's Dream) has written a wonderful article concerning the topic of self-help in South Africa for my other blog " The Mdantsane Way" which is a blog about the second biggest township in South Africa. Vukuzenzele means "help yourself "  or " just do it for yourself ". If you are interested just click on the link.

The old questions that lingers around is: Are men better cooks than women ? Who cares?

And who wants still KFC if you can have a spicy steak or sausage on a crispy roll with mustard  sauce or home made Chilli Chutney ? 


  1. I love your blog and your photography is amazing. Especially the photos of the white-haired lady flying a kite - that's me on a good day!

  2. What wonderful photographs! I had never heard the term "street photographer" before and that evokes some great visuals. I tend to think of Margaret Bourke-White and some of her candid photographs of the faces of people during the depression. I enjoyed visiting your blog and I'll be back!

  3. Thank you Rosy for your comment and I would love to see you flying that kite ! It was a very inspiring moment to see her have so much fun and to understand that age does not have to limit you in what you do.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog Sandra. Street photography is probably the attempt to come as close as possible to reality and to memorize people and events in their natural way. For me the natural is also the most beautiful. I am going to visit your blog now.


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