Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Walk The Street With My Ethiopian Lilies

I walk the streets with my Ethiopian lilies,
My father's father was a poor man
as was my father
and so am I
Today, I still have all my Ethiopian lilies
I walked the streets all day long,
but have sold not one

I am no man of great culture, taste
or wisdom
I believe in god
And I once did work the land,
but through all the time,
I walked the streets with my Ethiopian lilies
I came to love theses flowers

I learned, they come from the banks of a great river,
called the Nile,
that flows through many lands
that is why their name is Ethopian lily,
some like to call them Calla

I walk the streets with my Ethiopian lilies,
do not laugh at me
that's what I do in life
and I have just waited for you
to buy a single one, or may be too

so my son would eat tonight.

In memory of an unknown man from I bought once 10 Ethiopian lilies instead of one.

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