Sunday, January 11, 2009

Impressions of an hour

La Vie est belle souvent, mais tu dois regarder...
( I was told by a friend in Mauritania)

From time to time I like to do a little experiment. I sit back and imagine a friend had called me and requested that I show him the wonders of life in just an hour's time. I invite you to come with us today. Let me show you what I found.
At first I would show my friend this night-moth comfortably resting on my window since the early morning hours. A lucid light turquoise colored beauty.

Then, the wind breathing clouds onto the bright-blue canvas of the sky. The blue of the sky is sometimes so strong and bright that it can make you dizzy.

Until the blue has lost and it's color has been weakened and is shining through only occasionally through a crocheted-like cloud cloth.

Freshly cooked steaming hot pasta is one of the greatest wonders of life for me. Bless Italy. With oil, garlic and Parmesan. Perfect.

A while ago a big old beautiful tree had been cut in one of the alleys of my town. I took some of the cut-off rings home and painted them white. They have now a new life as rests for books and cups and glasses. But one wanted more. A seed has found new life in old matter.

I would not forget to show my friend the roots of a giant tree in my garden.

An adventurous and exhausted beetle caught on his back in a glass vase. The extended breath of god has saved him in the form of my hand.

A cat-child in deep and peaceful sleep on my couch.

Child or Cat? Cat-child. Peace from within.

And the last thing my friend has to see in this hour are the new swallow-nests in some old dusty enamel pots stored on a shelf on the veranda. It is the second year that the swallows have been using these pots as nests.

There are 8 swallows nests all over the house.

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