Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old, New and the Unexpected

Old, new and the unexpected is what you can find in my shop. I had a little shop inside an Art Gallery in town. But after many years the gallery owner got tired and rented the whole place out to a Chinese restaurant. No more paintings, instead sushi and sashimi.

Now I have my own little, slightly crazy shop. I have renovated some old store rooms in my house and voila! This is how it looks like.

Vinyls are sooooo sexy and the good thing is, hey they are comin back ! Yeah! And you can find them in abundance. Rock'n Roll!

Yes oversized sunglasses, so much in demand now. And the mannequin dates back to 1930, has still a handpainted face - and because of her I nearly went broke. Only nearly. She is unbearingly cool.

I always get asked: How on God's earth do you find these things. I don't . They come to me.

A watercolor painting of a coral tree.

A German half bisque doll from 1880, her face is hand-painted and she is a flawless beauty.

Africa mixes with victorian. What's the name?: Eclectic

Old worn silver, with a patina of decades.

Can you see the constantina on top of the Imbuia display cabinet and the little dolls-bed in the front of the picture. Together they are 200 years old.

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