Monday, January 5, 2009


Shells in a small sea water pool only visible at low tide, organized in clear pattern.

Strolling along the beach makes me happy. Always has. I have been longing for the sea since I was a child. I could say I have a relationship with the ocean. I see a thousand things that make me happy while I walk.
When you have a camera in your hand you get more attentive, your perception is intensified. The ocean is the oldest story teller in the world. I can find inspirations for my work everywhere. This washed out rock at the beach - a piece of art and it would be extremely difficult to copy it. Brancusi could do it.
  Reed - grass growing on the dunes, just where the sand is soft an white. Beautiful design for a ring.

And an even shaped canal during low tide showing the breaking waves at the end. Not visible at high tide. A perfect place to catch crayfish.

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