Friday, January 16, 2009

A place with a view

Friday afternoon 17.00

The week is over and it is a good day. I am spending the afternoon with my friends at their house in Blue Bend, sitting on the balcony, lucky enough to have a bottle of champagne to kill. And looking through seamless glass - at this. Even though the sun is hiding it is beautiful. It is low tide and all the sandbanks in the river mouth are visible. Life is good.

Sirius the golden retriever is happy too, enjoying the cool breeze. It is nice to have animals around. And one of the nicest views in town.

Places like this with an undisturbed view are not easy to find any more and every second has to be enjoyed. They are even more difficult to buy or rent.

Yes it is a good day. And I have decided long time ago that every day is a good day. Every day give me hundreds of minutes and thousands of seconds to make my choices and decide for myself what I want.

Close to the river-mouth lies the popular Blue Lagoon Hotel with a similar view and a nice pub that fills up every Friday afternoon.

The men in black: they are tired and exhausted from eating all our potato chips. The blind cat Isis has bitten me twice because he thought my finger was a potato chip.

On the other side in the distance behind the green hills is Nahoon Beach, a famous surfing spot.

Nahoon-mouth a beautiful area to live, close to the river and the beach.

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