Monday, January 5, 2009

The Very Old Seagulls Hotel

I have great respect for old buildings. Age deserves respect. It has a different beauty that youth has not yet aquired. I was blessed to have lived with both of my grandparents for a long time and I even had great-grandparents for a couple of years in my life. Thinking back the only thing that is left to say is what interesting and knowleadgable people their were.
And may be the fact that I have worked in societies where age was a privilege and not a curse has contributed strongly to my view. I have seen many young man desiring to become " a vieux" because that meant you stood your ground and honour came with it.
The Seagulls has beautiful gardens with palm trees and many other types of vegetation that can withstand the strong and rough seawind.

The old Seagulls hotel built right at the beach in the sand at the beginning of the last century deserves also respect. It has the character of an old weather torn and ragged seagull. I am sure it has seen many people and many destinies over the years. It has been leased out in 1920 and is still in the same families hands who runs the hotel. And a familiy hotel it is.

This is how the seagull looks when walking down the beach...... out of a sudden apperas a hotel with a long wooden deck

Flowers in all colors everywhere

To the left side are the guest rooms

The view from the wooden deck where more than one drink is sipped before the sun goes down.
At low tide the black rocks are exposed with plenty of small shells.

The garden a place for children as well...

The bar ressembling old english bars, well stocked and always full.

The old Seagulls Hotel

The Entry to the bar

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