Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Artists Escape

At this time of the year in the south-african summer everything I see is green, green, green..
And amidst the green the arrogant indecent orange Strelitzia. The Artist's Escape is a little retreat where I can be creative. I have transformed three old store rooms in a little workshop. And this is how it looks like.
Ozzy is watching......over the parsley. UNfortunately Lucinda the cat is using this as her private toilet. And she has no intention of changing her behaviour.

In every corner are chairs allowing for a different view. These are my favorite 50's wire chairs.

The Artists Escape from the top of the stairs.

The " Kitchen garden"
The view to the neighbours.... far away

One of my latest creations. What else could it be than green. Lucinda Engele the cat is always willing to give her professional and artistic expertise.

From all sides

She even takes a step back to have an objective view

But no man... this is too much green for her

Rather back into the bush.

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