Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Companion

You might have noticed a slight change in scenery lately. After 5 years in Africa, without having been to the Old World, I spent a holiday of six weeks in Europe. 
One week and one day for every year spent in the South. 
This was my beloved companion. The 30 year old orange Peugeot bicycle of my mother. It was released from it's uncomfortable and dusty position under the garage roof, where it has been tied up for decades. My brother's friend Olli gave him tender love and care. Bless you Olli !

My companion was allowed to roam free again.
You could almost hear him sigh.
And believe me: to what places of wild and un-tamed beauty I was driven !

Into the woods and over the land.!

Where the trees are known to someone by their very own personal name

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