Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sani Pass

These charming old vintage prints, dating back to the 1960's, that have found their way just recently to my collection show an area in South-Africa that is of amazing beauty  The road that leads up to the Sani Pass.

The Wikipedia tells us the following:
The Sani Pass is located in the western end of Kwa Zulu province of South-Africa. It is a route that connects Kwazulu-Natal and Lesotho. It is a notoriously dangerous road, which requires the use of a 4x4 vehicle. This pass lies between the border controls of both countries and is approximately 9km in length and requires above average driving experience. It has occasional remains of vehicles that did not succeed in navigating its steep gradients and poor traction surfaces, and has a catalogue of frightening stories of failed attempts at ascending the path over the Northern Lesotho mountains. While South African immigration at the bottom of pass prohibits vehicles deemed unsuitable for the journey, the Lesotho border agents at the top generally allow vehicles of all types to attempt the descent. The Border tween the two Countries closes at 4:00 pm every day and the Pass is often closed due to weather conditions, especially during winter.

All the more interesting when looking at the vintage Landy in the first picture making his way up the steep mountain road. The second picture shows the Lesotho Border post the way it looked many decades ago. 

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