Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Rheingold

Let me introduce you to the ' RHEINGOLD "

Let me introduce you to my " Rheingold De Luxe" a 1956 Sewing Machine, a genuine German make, complete with all needles and accessories in perfect working order. Purring like a baby kitten.
Actually I thought I was buying a small desk only, that was inexplicably heavy when trying to carry it to my car, but inside was hidden this little treasure.

Admittedly I was not able to figure out through which ones of the hundred little hooks to winde the thread. But that's what friends are here for. And I have a very good friend, Annegret, who can be named the mother of all seamstresses.

Frorm a designer stand-point of view it has to be added that this design can not be topped-not in your wildest retro dreams.

And this pillow case serves as living proof for my words.

Made from a variety of South African traditional ShweShwe fabrics and vintage borders.

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