Monday, October 24, 2011

The Color Purple To The Power Of 5 Is Called Jacaranda

A street in Southernwood in East London

You can say these are just purple petals.

But on the other hand I think it's a completely mystical experience in bright day-light to walk under these trees when in blossom.


  1. Breathtaking! I rue not living in the right zone to have this tree in my garden (the winters would kill it off). But thank you for that visual feast! I love purple, can you tell? I also have purple agapanthus in front of my house, just like in your banner picture. For my 25th anniversary bouquet last week, I picked out five purple protea without knowing what they are—turns out they're South Africa's national flower!

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. You must have a hidden passion for South Africa. Proteas are amazing flowers! I am sure you would love our country with all it's abundant and colorful vegetation


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