Sunday, October 9, 2011

Germania's Pride

I have noticed over the years, that a deep desire for the consumation of Germanian Sausage can occur in expats who live far from their homeland. And the Germans, being the practical people they are, have recognized this deep desire, that can take on un-healthy dimension if not satisfied, and have set-up German butchery shops all over the world

But nothing equals a fourth generation family butchery in a tiny village where your stories, joys and pain's are everybody stories, joy and pains. Recipes handed over and guarded from the grandfather, to the father to the son and so on.... and on. There is no way that you could sell non-tasty sausage here. You would be jobless soon.
A brave German citizen, who is in the favourite position to be able to buy these delicacies every day, approaches in a warrior-like-gait his destination.

For some this set-up might  rather ressemble your grandmother's lounge room in cleanliness and homeliness  a couple of years back. Including the three matching glass ceiling lamps.

 To make a choice is a confusing task and can be considered more than difficult.

Let's hang in there, rather take a little bit more. The shop owner and butcher's wife is patient, helpful and ready to explain all the ingredients that have been used to create these delicacies. Without revealing secrets of cause.

 But in the end the war is won and the treasure is brought home !

What a beautiful moment ! Thanks Dad !

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