Thursday, September 17, 2009

Piece and serenity in the desert

This story is for my father who truly loves churches and has shown me so many over the years. Nieu Bethesda has many surprises and one of them is this old church.
And I know he would have loved to be there. When I visited Nieu Bethesda two years ago with my father the church was closed.

Standing proud and tall..... as we all should.

This time we were so lucky that the new guardian of the church is our friend. The key is approximately half a meter long.
And Doooog is really suffering at the moment......... he has been on his feet since early morning and was following us all day long through the village

The inside is serene and surprisingly spacious.

I think church windows have inspired artists and painters all over the world through all the centuries. This one has given me as a gift a new inspiration.

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For the last trip. I think it has a lot of style actually. Not too shabby. I imagine four white horses...just for the contrast.

A place of beauty

Old cast iron chandeliers.

And a lot of other beautiful details.

like this old organ.

The look through the back door to the outside. Blazing sunlight and the impression this is a lost place.

The settlements on the other side of the village.

But opulence inside.

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