Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cape St.Francis - a life on sea

Where the Calamari is...
Cape St. Francis, not far from Port Elizabeth, is the small sea harbor in the Eastern Cape where huge amounts of the delicious calamari and fish are off-loaded and transported to their destination. Most of the calamari and fish caught in the Algoa bay which is the marine area around Port Elizabeth are exported in many different countries because they are of prime quality.

It's a man's world. And it's hard physical work. For days on the wet boat, sleeping and working in shifts. On my last trip to Cape St.Francis in July I was able to see these scenes.

The jigged calamari are already frozen and packed in neat boxes on board while the ships are out on sea.

Louise Marie and Blue Marlin, two boats that just came in after a couple of days.

Docking on..... tired

Boxes of calamari and fresh caught are carried off the boats and are brought the the waiting cooling trucks.

I was amazed to see how many boxes of calamari came of this boat.

A fishing boat coming in from a grey and stormy sea. It was a windy and rainy day.

Seagulls are getting free meals everywhere and are as fat as cows on green pastures.

The view to the other side, a posh little coastal village with apartments overlooking the sea harbour.

And finally the sun is out again..

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  1. will b there in December al the way from the desert to the sea...


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