Monday, September 7, 2009


Hello my friends, parents and all the ones that I love.

It's been a while since I have written something. And I am sorry for that. I know you are waiting for stories. But now there are lots of stories to tell again.
My brother had come to visit me recently for 2 months and believe it or not we had not seen each other for three years. Three long years.
So we decided to go on a trip to frontier country.
We traveled into the Great Karoo - the old south-african desert and one of the real magic places on earth.

Of course you have to love it. Because for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers there is nothing but vast breathtaking landscapes that display their beauty in all the pastel colors that are available.
It is true what is said about man and the desert.You have to be a desert person or not.
I have always been in love with the golden grass. African grass shimmering golden in the sun. That is one of the images I would love take with into my next life.

And yes we always found a romatic little place to rest and just linger.
And I got plenty of design ideas as well for Chocolat Negro.

We went to visit my friend Jaques in Nieu Bethesda a tiny crazy little village with 64 inhabitants in total .Yeap.
And Jacques became one of them recently.
Inside frontier country you might come across sign boards like the one above. Please Hoot to wake up dreamy cyclists on hot asphalt. Sometimes they forget that the road was made for cars because only one comes in every 500 km. And the road is long.

This is the road that leads to Jacques home. It reminded me of the South of France. By the way the nights were ice cold. Nothing like France. Freezing desert nights with a Rock'n Roll cat in bed. More about the Rock'n Roll cat Gwyneth at a later stage.

And this is his home a beautiful old Karro house that he renovated and turned into something as whimsical as the whole village.


And the unavoidable " windpomps" are there as well. Basically everwhere.

The houses in Nieu Bethesda are small individual pieces of art. Each one has something to show off like this beautiful entrance painted bright red with a tiny white "american dream picket fence".

This is the old church in Nieu Bethesda with the most beautiful purple and yellow colored antique glass windows. And in front you see the " windpomp".
And this house was built 1898 a typical Karoo home-stead. And it looks like it will be forever like that.

Lots of old tattered buildings....beautiful to look at with their own hidden history.
I have asked this one to talk and to tell his story but he refused. He said to heavy a burden to tell.

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