Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winter In Vincent - Moles Do Not Care About Municipal Property

Winter in South Africa means extreme colors and contrast. Clear, crisp, cold air. It means deep shadows with a sharp outline on the walls. A filmmakers dream.

Winter in South Africa means the moles are digging through your garden from front to back and they are also digging through "municipal property" - meaning the lawn and grass patches outside the houses. Moles do not care about municipal property.  On the grounds of  house No 41 in the Vincent Road stands this giant cactus tree.

This tree is so massive and impressive that in a European country it would be probably moved with great care to a botanical garden right away and decorated with a sign board to explain its reason of existence and origin. But here in Vincent Road it just grows like that, a happy South African plant, that has been there for years.

The winter harvest is ripe.

Is there a better place to warm up after a cold night?

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