Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The History Of Female Circumcision (FGM)

I have written a post recently for my Mali-blog "Nara-La Sahelienne" that I would like to share today. I usually keep the blogs that I write apart because their content and location is very different. Linking a lot of articles between them might confuse the reader. 

But I think that I have mentioned before, that I was a project coordinator of a complex development project in the north of the West African country Mali for six years, before coming to South Africa. 
Mali, one of the most peaceful countries has found a sad place lately in the international news. The north of Mali is presently being occupied by ex-Gaddfi mercenaries and Taliban fighters.

The term for female circumcision generally used in the Western World is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). More than 90 % of the women in Mali are still being circumcised or excised today

If you would like to read about it just click the link. I have written this post for my friend and old collegue Cheick Fadel who still holds the position in Nara.

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