Monday, June 4, 2012

Chocolat's Imaginarium

The accusationFrom the land and from the seaRest in peaceLove is gonna find yaIn my grandmother;s closetThe fire inside
My Baby has got blue eyesThe virgin flowersCoastal studies no 1The conferenceThe Crab who fell in love with a flower and never wanted to leaveAmanda
The crab familyThe giftCome home to mamaForm and structure 1butterfly memorial 1Forgotten in the case
Flowers and feathers of the southRock'n RollThe dandelion sacrificeHide and seekHung upLong lasting sadness in my eyes

To create photographic installatons is a way for me to dive deep into the realm of fantasy. Contradiction? No.

When fantasy is seen as reality then life becomes exciting. More exciting.
WIth this little slide show, that I am offering here to the innocent spectator/victim, you can have a short or long drive through Chocolat's Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium is not a space but rather another universe, inclusive in character. There, everything and anything is possible, anytime and everywhere, and at the same moment as well. The illusion of time does not exist.
The vehicle that drives you through the imaginarium is your mind ( in this case my mind) and the capacity to see before it happens. Speed and destination are always determined by you, but both can slip out of your control occasionally.
But it is always you alone to decide if you want to get out or hoover for a while over a place. 
And, ah yeah, I forgot to say in the imaginarium you can feel no guilt. 

Do you get dirty ? A tiny little bit only.

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