Monday, June 18, 2012

The Flower Behind The Blue Fence

Title: The Flower Behind the Blue Fence
By Chocolat Negro
Recycled Art, Mixed Media Art
Dimensions 30cm x 30 cm
Material: Industrial Steel Waste, Hair curlers, Paper Waste, Porcupine Quills, Acrylic and Laquer on Canvas

The Flower Behind the Blue Fence is one of my smaller artworks of 2012. It has been created using waste material abundantly. Industrial waste in form of small steel particles originating from a steel perforating machine, paper off-cuts and a set of broken hair curlers have been applied and arranged in thick layers.
"The only natural ingredient" are two porcupine quills. The edges are finished off with white acrylic and the surface is sealed with clear matte lacquer.
Although the painting is abstract in nature, the Abstract is used only as part and as an element that contributes to the whole arrangement. There is room for interpretation but the spectator is guided in a certain direction in a subtle way.

The thickness of the layer and the mass of material used correlates to the extent the human nation produces waste and discards of items at present on the planet earth.

And amidst all of it there can still grow a flower!

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