Saturday, June 16, 2012

About Waterlilies

Waterlilies have always been a great challenge for me. They are for many artists. They are difficult to photograph and to paint. That is why Monet is so famous and why he is really one of the greatest painters on this planet. As an artist I want my art to show something, that allows the spectator to enter into another world. 

With waterlilies the right light is more important than ever. I find, that when taking pictures of them, the lilies have to be in the shade, but I have to be in the brightest of sunlight at a distance from them. I have to lower myself to their level to catch a glimpse of their essence. The essence of something is also the beauty of that something. The essence is what comes from the universe. To extract it without damaging it is an art.

I want to show their timidity and their translucence 

I want to show their fragility and evasiveness

but also their incredible strength and resilience

I want to show their symbiosis with the water, that I call their "soul giver" 

And if i am lucky I can show you the very close relationship that they have with the ones that live amongst and from them

The ones that live below them at their feet

 they love them in return

And like her, we all start out not knowing how to do it right! Like her, we learn to look at something closer. Like her, I learned to paint flowers in the Orangery in Karlsruhe where great masters have walked and painted before me!    

And like her, I have along way to go ! But today I am happy with the lilies and that is why you see some waterlilies for the first time on my blog.

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