Sunday, March 6, 2011


Love is gonna find you. !
Today I am showing you some of my berry installation prints.

In the front of my workshop stand these large trees that I call THE ELDERS.

They are over fifty years old, have massive stems and produce a really enormous amount of red berries. 

The berries in return make an enormous amount of mess.

When they gather together in corners

or explode on the stairs

They literally explode when they are overripe, splattering their juice all around, when they hit the floor from 10 meter height. And the trees produce berries through most of the year. I have been told a hundred times to cut them off but their branches are like a great natural chapel and give us shade throughout the summer.

And they allowed me to create some nice installations which I had of lot of fun doing.
 Like this one called : A STUDY OF BERRIES. 
I have truly studied them in all stages of evolution.

 Or this one - a small reminder of the THE POWER OF NOW

All  prints are available at : Chocolat Negro

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  1. Very cool! Reminds me of our tamarind trees! Great shade but soooo messy! And great big seed pods everywhere~ no exploding berries though, lol! Love the prints, especially A Study of Berries, nicely composed!


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