Friday, March 25, 2011


The Accusation
I couple of weeks ago I have taken a picture named  " The Accusation ".
It is a simple but somehow very expressive installation that I have made with a vintage rabbit doll head that I have found  in a junk shop. I never thought it would become so popular that it would be featured over and over again in Etsy treasuries.

The conference
This is another one of my installations with a little rabbit called holding a conference with two garden gnomes.
I have never had a lot of contact with rabbits in my life - until now. The last year has definitely become the year of the rabbit for me.

In September while visiting a tiny farmers market in the region I saw a black rabbit in a cage and his sight lying in the heat, looking pretty sick, led me to a spontaneous and undoubtedly emotional purchase. Additionally he had told me in rabbit language that his name was Aladin. I love Aladin and the 40 robbers. But may be I have imagined this. I am not so sure about it right now.
In the picture you see him, in great condition and in full health. But as I always love to say and can not say it often enough: This is an inclusive universe and one thing leads to another. ALWAYS !
He got fat ! But stayed sad !
And I learned rabbits do not like to live alone ! 
I am unable to look at something or someone sad. It seems wrong to me. So there we go again.

He was added and he was called Simsalabim.
Names are important and I thought this was an appropriate one having to grow up with a big brother called Aladin. I wanted to keep the magic in the family.
After haven given him a little cute brother, who has been much more expensive than himself by the way, Aladin escaped! Yes that right! Ungratefulness in person! He did not only escape once but several times. I know now that he was simply meant to live on higher planes than in my garden.

But being faithful to the saying of my grandmother: What was paid for has to be used - we did our best to make him stay and take care of his tiny brother. Here you see him in Quarantine for a couple of hours. 
And you can see in his naughty face that he knows where he is gonna go.
And now he is roaming free in the bush and living the life he deserves.
Simsalabim was alone however.

A replacement was found quickly ! Cause nobody can watch a small sad rabbit. It is even worse than a big fat sad rabbit.


and Pepper !
 I had enough of magicians.

With enormous feet.! 
My brother used to ask them the question: Is it nice with such big feet ?
But the story is getting even worth.  Both died within a week because they have been taken away from their mother too soon and could not survive.

But to put you at ease: Simsalabim is fine and big now. The picture shows it and he does always this thing with his ear.
After Aladin ran away and little Chilli and Pepper were bought, and then died, and were then buried on the new installed rabbit graveyard in the garden, we did not give up and Pauline joined the family. And both  Simsa and Pauline( the black spot in the background) are not living happily after.
And Remember this is an inclusive universe which has lots of challenges in stock for you!
And tons of inspirations!

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