Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Finally at the stadium the situation became serious. 

On the way there further equipment and accessories for the fight could be bought.

 And some congestion developed in front of the gates. 

Due to the fact that some were still tuning their instruments. 
The ones who knew how to do it did not blow the horns but had unfortunately to listen to their peers.  

Others were discussing the coming battle seriously

or undertaking necessary adjustments to their flags  

Courageous ones let beauty beat the cold.

The  inside was even more impressive than the outside. German presence in all skin colors was felt.

Build so enormous and spacious and modern

that the screens were not even necessary because the spectacle could be seen at close distance.

The place was watered like the queens gardens in England.

 Armors had been increased drastically.

In every possible manner and way.

The presence of the Huns and northern supporters was not only felt everywhere but written on every piece of fabric available.

Serbia on the other hand had slowly infiltrated the battle field long before the match in a obscure manner and way.

while the Germans who are not really Masters of a humble nature or understatement had shown their vision clearly already before the match.

Oh la la. There was also the most welcome distraction

The northern tribes left a deep impression on the local tribes even before the game through their insatiable  thirst and consumption of the local brew. 

All regions were present and showing their talent 

the more wiser ones kept to Coke knowing the day was gonna be long.

Some very strange behavior was seen as well

Individuals circling the stadium again and again holding on to their belongings.

Power rest in calmness.

There was a lot to do still. For instance to figure out from which angle to take the best shots.

they did not have to worry about that. 

and then there was still time to kill.

The art of VUVUZELA blowing was not yet mastered by all.

when out of a sudden the Serbs hit the field and started their war dance.

to the extreme disgust of the opposite party.

who in some cases simply hated this sight.

But not for long until the Germans came.

Also not too shabby. That was how clear you could see the players.

one could even see the expression on their faces.

WE all know the end with some hiding under their hats. Germany has to beat GHANA now today to still stay in the world cup. We say well done to the Serbs.

But it was a most wonderful day and you could really " feel it " that SOUTH AFRICA can be a united nation with all colors being happy and celebrating together. So yes the world cup is good for us.
SO it is true sport can unite people


  1. Great set of photos. You should have seen the atmosphere in town for the English game yesterday. The beachfront was packed before and after the game and the beer was flowing freely.

  2. I would have loved to be there. I enjoyed the game so much although I am not a soccer expert. But it was awesome. Hope that you will enjoy many more matches. Unfortunately they don't play in East London.

  3. Even in Germany we are well prepared for tomorrow to fight the english hordes


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