Monday, June 7, 2010

I Want Summer Back

A Short Pictorial Story Of A Southern Summer, Back Then

I want summer back, summer of last year.

I want summer back of last year,
when we were two with hair salty and blonde 
and we smelled of the sea
summer of last year, at the border up north

I want the summer back,
when we lived in that crazy place on the beach.
 I really miss summer of last year, now that I am here. 

There the sand was burning hot.

Until the sun fell into the dark Cassuarina trees like a ripe plum
to just leave us with a long night to talk. Every night
We talked about love, love, love and about life.
Told us how we wanted to do much more.
More and always more with our lives.
Like a good poem that gets stronger and finds more power in the end.

And my friends skin shimmered just like gold

The blue-ass monkeys stole our food,

while we watched the sea until our eyes were all ablaze and mother of pearl was all we saw.

We ate prawns by day and night

listened to music, drank and danced on the beach

until sometimes we lost completely our minds in a couple of hot summer nights

I really miss summer of last year when we were afraid of the trees at night

After all the sun and wine, they looked to us like creatures from a different time.!
Yes, I really do miss my friend and summer of last year, 

when the jackal was around.

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