Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mystical Lavender

May be you will say to me one picture of the lavender is enough !

In that case, I will tell you: look away ! Cause I ain't gonna stop.

I had a strong vision of this lavender, that I have been trying to find!

My vision was to see and capture the inside, the essence of the lavender on film.
And I have taken pictures for weeks. 
To get what I want to see.

Until today when I received what I have been longing to have.

This is my fathers's lavender.
It reminds me of him.
 And I do love this lavender.


  1. hey thnx for that... very nice pics. :)
    i love the pics on your other blogs too...

  2. Thank you, Ram. I have looked at your blog as well and I think it is going to very interesting to follow your thoughts.I do like the way you approach life from what I can see.
    Greeting from South-Africa


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