Monday, February 28, 2011


" The Firefly Chandelier " is made of Handwoven Traditional Beer Strainers from South-Africa.

With this design my vision of marrying traditional craft techniques and organic natural material with modern design has been realized.

The bottom part of this Chandelier consists of five elongated traditional hand-woven beer-strainers made of reed grass. These beer strainers are sometimes still used in rural areas in my country to strain a handmade beer brew made from millies (maize).

This technique is centuries old, was cultivated mainly in the villages and only a few, mostly old people, are still capable of weaving beer-strainers or baskets in this particular manner which is very complicated and extremely time consuming.

If not promoted this craft will die.

I have been trying to find a modern use for these beautiful hand woven items for quite a while. This lamp is a very unique handcrafted Ceiling Chandelier that gives you a beautiful warm soft glowing light. It looks like big fireflies glowing in the night. The Chandelier is simple but very elegant at the same time.

And it is nearly as beautiful as a natural chandelier.

This production line will not be able to produce a high number of items in a very short time because it is depending on the  availability of the beer strainers but increased demand in this item will also lead to job creation  in the villages who still produce the strainers and an old craft will survive. 

Available here: Chocolat Negro Recycled Design and Art

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