Thursday, February 24, 2011


Whatever you start in life, no matter how small it might be and how little you thought about it - it will lead to another thing with definite consequences because everything is linked. For me this is the most beautiful thing about life, unavoidable evolution and the new knowledge that comes with it. You can not avoid getting drawn into it otherwise you would have to stay in your room and do nothing in life. 
And  in the above picture is the beautiful murderer.

The idea of keeping my own chicken was to have fresh organic eggs from happy free running healthy  chicken. The eggs I do have in abundance now and it is a real culinary treat to eat a completely natural egg. But along with the chicken came another visitor who has a cruel hobby. He likes to kill chicken. He does not eat their flesh and drinks only a little bit of their blood. 

" Unfortunately he kills them all. Spotted Genets are like that. You can only poison him ", I was told by a farmer when telling the story. 
So he is a Spotted Genet ! At least I know now what he is because he comes only at night and you never see him.

But he is much more than that. He is on the list of Spotted endangered cats and breathtakingly beautiful. And can he be punished or poisoned just because I live close to the bush. A definite NO also he has killed 5 chicken and my 5 baby guinea fowls in 2 months.

And if you truly want something you will get help. A friend directed me to the SPCA and they were eager to assist me to catch him to safe his life and release him into the wild. They gave me the above trap.

And we caught him. Not only one but two !

Not shy or scared at all given the fact that he had never seen a human and dislikes the daylight.

But I had the chance to get amazing pictures of this rare animal before I brought him to the SPCA.

and this is the place where he was released into the wild with his companion.

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