Monday, February 2, 2009

To become a better person

I have taken hundreds of photos of Lucinda Engele. For a stranger this might seem weird.
But if you see a creature that is good, natural and soft right down into it's essence and soul- then it is a pleasure to look again and again. And it is good to look again and again because as time elapses you become a better and softer human being yourself.

She never leaves me and she is never far. Animals are good for your soul because if they want to they force you to connect with them.

She is a sun godess.

We watch the rock dassies and the birds in the garden - together. I see them through her eyes as something exciting. To become a better and softer person stay with animals. If people can't they can open your heart.

When we work, then we work together strechted out on my desk. At least Lucinda. You would not wanna see me do that.

I think of all people she loves me the most - has to be like that.

This is a new game. Hiding in the old stone basin where the dirty pots from the kitchen where washed in front of the" old servants quarters".

A game we can play for hours

Until we are distracted

After playing with an empty Schweppes Soda water bottle - thank God the grass is so green and high for a nap.......

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