Monday, December 29, 2008

What is a creative person?

An old shell and driftwood cupboard serves as an architectural Art-Deco building site for honey colored african wasps.
This is the biggest wasp nest I have seen since I moved into the house. I felt myself unable to destroy it. With a little fear in my heart I have decided on a model of co-habitation and a minimum distance.

I observed them truly fascinated building their castle for over three months in the corner of an old white painted- cupboard used to store sea shells, interesting drift wood pieces and firewood for the grill, that is standing on my verandah.

The structure is getting bigger and bigger, extending every day and at the same time the nest is creating the impression for the eye that it is becoming more delicate.

Hanging from a tiny string of dried mud....
My favourite architect is the spanish genious Antoni Gaudi. This nest makes me think of his famous houses in Madrid and Spain with wasp-nest like balconys.
How does one define creativity? How does creativity develop? Is is natural or learned.
Is being interested in anything that might explain the workings of the human mind a prerequiste? Is there a universal fluid whose equilibrium or disturbance explains health and disease.
Are wasps naturally creative or is psychic energy stored somewhere like Jung suggested.

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