Sunday, December 28, 2008

And You Have To Talk To Them

This is one of the coolest places, a living room outside in nature with a Bougainvillae and Flamboyant roof of blinding violet and red where most of the meals are taken in summer if it is not raining.


Sometimes a ray of sunshine comes through

The living room roof

Further down in the garden..

It's summer now, thanks, my favourite time of the year, and while I am sitting here and uploading theses pictures I am listening to Just Ginger and their song Shallow Waters on the radio while the cat Lucinda Engele is lying in front of me on my desk blocking the keyboard with her head and looking at me with watery green eyes. It's a perfect song for this hot day. A perfect day for a cat as well.

I am blessed with an exceptional old unmanicured lush garden that ressembles a jungle in many places. The trees and plants are decades old, unique organic characters and when the wind goes it seems like as if they are whispering and in constant interaction with each other. When the sun is breaking through the branches it's like a magic secret place.
My father says always : you have to speak to them. I don't do that very often . But they grow without me very well because they like this spot.

AND BY NO COINCIDENCE I found a fascinating book the other day in a junk shop called " The Secret life of plants" by Peter Thompkins and Christopher Bird.
It teaches you that they, the old characters, have the ability to communicate with man. That they adapt to human wishes, respond to music, that they have curative powers. It is fascinating account of the physical, emotional and spiritual relations between plants and man.
That they even anticipate and know before when their branches are being cut.
I hope they don't mind me playing Aerosmith in the morning when everbody is gone.

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  1. Hi, I am enjoying "meeting" you here. If you liked Peter Tompkins book, I think you might get a lot from these two (I certainly did!):The Lost Language of Plants, and The Secret Teachings of Plants (both by Stephen Harrod Buhner).


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