Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Heart Led Me South - Travels In East Africa From 1950 To 1960 Of Street Photographer Juergen Schlichting

My Heart Led Me South from Chocolat Negro on Vimeo.

This was created in dedication to Juergen Schlichting, a German street photographer and writer born in 1936. His extraordinary work covers the 1950s to 1980s. At the age of only 46 Juergen lost his 2 year long battle with lung cancer. The scientist and researcher entrusted his entire photographic work and his writings to his young niece who was like a daughter to him. At the time of his death she was a young girl. For the first time decades later his work is shown to the public.
His photographic work is comprised of tens of thousands of images on film and slides as well as 8mm film rolls. These images are valuable testimonials of a time gone by displayed with an incredible artistic quality and sensuality.
A deeply spiritual man with a strong connection to nature he documented all his travels demonstrating an eternal love of life and a genuine belief in the good of mankind.
He wrote 26 books of poems of which none has been published yet.

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