Monday, August 13, 2012

A Dead Warrior Under A Bright Sun

In photography there are two ways of shooting a good picture.
The first is to be aware and present in the moment and not to hesitate to capture the "decisive moment".
The second way is the way of patience and careful preparation.
The angle is one of the most important factors. From which level are you looking at your object?  Same level, from below, above or behind, or from the side. Everything changes as soon as you move. It determines the composition of the whole picture
The light gives it the final finish. Suede, soft, crisp, elusive, evasive, sharp, in contrast......... The light allows you to add feeling to your picture. So wait for the light you want. See it first on the inside, perceive it in you and then wait for the conditions to arrive.
Gadgets, lenses and filters are the least important of all.

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