Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Sailors Of The Quirimbas Islands

I have not been as fascinated, enchanted and impressed in a long time as I was by the sailors and fishermen of the Quirimbas Islands in northeastern Mozambique. Boats and dhows are build using traditional African wood-carving and carpentry techniques that are hundreds of years old. 
When in the archipelago itself, where the waters are a considered to be a "bit quieter" all looks good and fine.

But the men venture fearless into the Indian Ocean and the expression "in a nutshell with one sail" is quite justified. All along the African coast line from Mozambique up to Tanzania these boats and dhows can be seen. At a second glance they travel the sea in an overfilled boat to fish and bring new supplies from the coastal town of Pemba to their villages. Passengers are allowed on board as well.
The dhow in the picture is a supply boat from Pemba cruising to the islands of the Quirimbas once a week.

While the sky gets dark and the next storm in already lingering on the horizon we wave to each other and wish for a safe trip for one another.

Did I mention, we had boat trouble each and every single day!

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