Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucinda In The Ashes

If you think your eye caught a glimpse of something unusual here - I won't contradict you.

I have a big, old and beautiful fireplace in my house, build many years ago and made entirely of natural stone.
In the South African winter I light it every evening and the fire burns through the night.

And I have a little ginger cat who talks all day long to me in a language that I have come to understand by now. She must have been something completely different in an earlier re-incarnation because she loves fire.
She is mad about it, adores fire. Not only heat and warmth. But real burning, crackling fire

Normally in the afternoon she waits already in front of the fireplace for me and watches me intensely when I stack the wood and prepare everything for the evening. She waits eagerly for the moment I light the fire.

Lucinda loves to watch the flames and the play of light. 
In front of the fireplace is where she likes to stay and sleep.

But now she has taken it to another level !!!!!!!

As soon as the fire has burned down enough she climbs INSIDE the fireplace.
The logs in the back are still so hot you burn your fingers when you touch them.!!!!! 

But please do not question her decision!

I was worried, very worried about her long and bushy tail when I saw this for the first time
And when I told her my concerns she just gave me an annoyed purr.

I also told her that cats are supposed to be neat and clean animals
and do not sleep in the ashes
which she ignored !

It's too nice here and I truly enjoy the warmth.

Stinky, dusty, ashy little cat !

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  1. Lucinda is so adorable. She obviously knows what she wants. Great photos!


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